Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Audaz: 내 남자의 여자

I only have four days remaining before my Big Brother Audition.
Am I preparing for the audition's interview? Am I memorizing my spiel?
Am I thinking about the perfect make-up/ outfit to wear?
Yes, I am! But I also do side trips, like the frickin thing below.

Tee rak?

It's the Thai translation for dear, honey or sweetheart.

translation from:

Now, do yah think this is already a fearless post? I think not. Look at what I have found out about her.


kyela said...

well, that was a fearless post.. nothing but the truth i suppose. and plus, the girl is pretty cute. i found pics on his hi5 as well. Ü

kyela said...

BTW, goodluck on your audition girl! you can do it!Ü

Alexei said...

Thanks Kyela! I'm gonna look and do my best! I'll deal with the mess I have started after the audition.

Alexei said...

... and yeah, she is cute. She looks like Sandara Park minus the krung-krung factor.