Saturday, March 28, 2009

ROADS [to Montreal]

After a few weeks in hiatus, I’m back with a new-fangled gummy note to post.

Everyone knows that Scott's been in the seat of Mount Royal, so I've got Roads (formerly known as Flicker) on this post.


Roads is a pop rock band from Montreal, Quebec. They are currently working on their debut album "This Life" (produced by Scott Moffatt) set to launch across Canada by Fall 2009.

Roads, (formally known as Flicker), a concept by singer/songwriter Garen Adjemian, came to fruition in 2006. For several years, Garen had the project on the back of his mind and it was while singing in a French punk band, Les Sales Adjectifs, that he met Iris Campo while auditioning as bassist for her band Overseas.

The chemistry between the two was immediate and the creative process was soon underway. Once a few songs were put together, they auditioned an old friend of Garen's, Alfred Jozikian, to add some dimension to the music. It was at Alfred's house on that night that an antiquated PC and a modest looking computer mic was all it took to convince the newly formed trio that they were onto something really special.

This was all the motivation Garen needed to start putting together a handful of songs and start working on a demo. By May 2007, the self-produced album, "The Great Lament", was completed. With great support from its entourage, the album launch was an incredible success and gave the band the momentum it needed to get signed to Indica Records.

The band soon changed their name to Roads as many other bands had evidently taken the previous name. The origin of the new band name makes reference to the life experiences they've each accumulated and the coincidences that led the three members to form this project.


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